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We perform hydronic balancing for all types of buildings and locations,

following ASHRAE, AABC, NEBB, and SMACNA standards. Using 

state-of-the art instruments, we test, adjust, and balance:    

  • water heating systems

  • glycol heating systems

  • chilled water systems

  • condenser water systems

  • domestic heat/water recirculation systems

  • heat recovery systems

  • free cooling systems

  • slab heating systems

  • ground source systems

  • industrial systems

Hydronic Testing, Adjusting & Balancing

We provide a wide range of other supplementary services and tests

as required by mechanical commissioning and owner specifications. These include:

  • comfort balancing

  • system surveys and audits 

  • energy evaluations

  • functional performance testing/ control system verification

  • sound testing

  • duct leakage testing

  • indoor air quality testing

  • clean room testing and validation

Other Services


We provide independent, professional air balancing services according to ASHRAE, AABC, NEBB, and SMACNA standards. Using specialized, calibrated equipment and instruments, we test, adjust, and balance:

  • constant air volume supply/return exhaust systems

  • variable air volume systems

  • multi-zone systems

  • dual-duct systems

  • induction unit systems

  • underfloor plenum supply air systems

  • laboratory fume hoods

  • industrial air systems

  • building pressurization systems

  • active chilled beam systems

Air Testing, Adjusting
& Balancing

For any inquiries or questions please call

416-283-0637 or fill out the following form.



204 Ridgewood Road

Toronto, Ontario M1C 2X2



Tel: 416-283-0637

Cell: 416-417-2718


Henry Sapa founded Air Balance Group Inc. in 1992 in response to the needs of a rapidly developing city of Toronto. Bringing his own exceptional expertise in the areas of fluid dynamics and aerodynamics as they are applied in HVAC systems, Henry assembled a vibrant and diligent team of engineers and technicians, each of whom contributes a unique set of skills and experience.

Air Balance Group specializes in the testing, adjusting, and balancing of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems (HVAC). While the company operates mainly in Southern Ontario, it has completed projects in more remote regions of the province as well, and, in fact, has traveled as far as Quebec, Newfoundland, Manitoba, and the Bahamas in order to take on challenging assignments in those locations.

With over 20 years of experience, Air Balance Group has completed more than 12,000 projects, and served over 500 clients. Dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction, this team works to exacting standards on every project it undertakes.  

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